quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Phonte & 9th Wonder

I don't have enough words to describe what this experience meant to me! I'm a huge fan for a long time now and to be able to watch not 1 but 2 shows in my country is simply breath taking! Two great artists with great souls and hearts. Our pleasure to meet you guys and Rio will be always waiting for you with open arms!
The show made everyone absolutely speachless! Thanks for everything!

Starting with Phontigallo AKA Tigallo for Rio AKA Beach Front Tig AKA Swag Swag Swag AKA Linens On Arms AKA Manicures On Fingers AKA Pedicures On Toes AKA Fedora Tig:

And last but not least 9th Wonder: the quiet one! Always serious but when smiles is a blast!

Wow! I almost forgot! Like I said to Phonte... Now that I know that Charity Starts At Home and we have to live The Wonder Years... Here is some living... Don't Try this at home!


;) Nice!